Level 1 Lectures


This resource was created to encourage ongoing engagement with the Level 1 course material. Once unlocked, this source material will be available to CrossFit trainers whenever they wish to support their ongoing growth and development as coaches.

Included in this reference course are all 11 lectures from the Level 1 covering foundational movements, the CrossFit methodology, nutrition, and programming. This reference course will not grant CEUs.

Eligibility to purchase or access these reference lectures is limited to the following:

  • Online Level 1 attendee
  • Current CrossFit-credential holders (CF-OL1, CF-L1, CF-L2, CF-L3, CF-L4)
  • In-person Level 1 course attendee who failed the exam

Access to these lectures is intended for the authorized CrossFit trainer’s sole use to support their ongoing growth and development and/or preparation for retesting. Access and usage is governed by the relevant confidentiality agreement signed by an individual prior to participation in a Level 1 course. Reference either the Online Level 1 Confidentiality Agreement or the Level 1 Confidentiality Agreement as fits your circumstance.


Price: $250
CEUs: 0
Language: English

What is CrossFit (21 min.)

Squats (38 min.)

What is Fitness (35 min.)

Presses (20 min.)

Technique (30 min.

The Kipping Pull-Up and Thruster (21 min.)

Deadlifts (24 min.)

Nutrition (29 min.)

The Glute-Ham Developer (28 min.)

The Muscle-up and Snatch (24 min.)

Programming and Implementation (35 min.)