Level 2 Pre-Course


Welcome to the CrossFit Level 2 Pre-Course. This is the initial stage of completing the CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Course. This course offers an additional two hours of content and will take a deep dive into the Common Movement Themes lecture and provide supporting content to better prepare you for your Level 2 experience.

If you have already registered for the in-person Level 2 Course, make sure to sign in with your CrossFit ID email to access the Pre-Course. This is the email used for your Level 2 Course registration.

If you have not registered for the Level 2 Certificate Course, you can find more information HERE. Once you have registered for the in-person course, you will be given access to the Pre-Course within 12 hours.

This course can be completed in multiple sessions. However, it is recommended that you complete a full module before exiting the course, as work on partially completed modules will not be saved.


No prerequisites.

CEUs: 0
Language: English

Midline Stabilization


Balance About the Frontal Plane

Posterior Chain Engagement

Sound Hip Function

Active Shoulders

Full Range of Motion About a Joint

Effective Stance and/or Grip